ABOUT RD Utilities LTD

RDU is a full back to back subcontractor which means we undertake all our own spoil removal, backfill and all different types of reinstatement in cold lay, hot lay and modular surfaces. We have fully trained grab drivers and mates who are banksman trained and trained in vehicle marshalling. Our lorries are all 32 ton capacity and are used at there full potential for muck away and delivery of materials or backfilling activities. When ever possible it is our policy to take spoil for recycling purposes and in turn use recycled type one and fill sand for all our backfilling needs. We carry out environmental audits on all potential suppliers/recycling plants as part of our environmental awareness so as to insure they are fully certificated for the activities they are undertaking, and also to make sure they operate to our high environmental standards.


We have a team of multi skilled team leaders and operatives to undertake all our reinstatement requirements throughout our Utility contracts, all these have the relevant qualifications to undertake the task at hand. We use 18 ton hot boxes for the transportation of all hot lay materials so as to insure everything is to standard for laying purposes. Everything is carried out to HAUC specification to avoid any air void failures.

Rollers are used not plates as they ensure compaction and leave a better finish.
Our white top guys do all aspects from flagging, block paving, concrete, curbing and building work. Any patterned concrete patching we require is done by a company we use who specialise in this field and can match most things with relevant ease.

To ensure compliance we pride ourselves on having a system in place where any private reinstatement on a customers property is closed down two days after the engineering works are complete. Similarly the excavations on the highway we aim to be complete three days after completion of the engineering works. This all adds to a better customer service and feed back from our customers, along with site tidiness and communication.


We as a company also can do civil’s work such as drainage, curbing and large excavation works. We in turn not only do reinstatement on Utility contracts but can also do large scale works such as car parks, footways, driveways and the like.
We also have undertaken carriageway and footway planing operations and resurfacing also altering all iron works along the route.
Our management has extensive knowledge and has experience in all aspects of reinstatement throughout the last 25 years. This also includes previous knowledge of core sampling and testing of bituminous materials.


Our policy is to do it right first time and take pride in the service we deliver to all our customers all of the time.