Live gas mains insertion is similar to normal insertion of PE pipe into an old cast iron main with only one difference. By using a special gland box the old main is kept live through out the whole insertion process and the new PE main is commissioned at the same time to maintain gas supplies to properties.Live mains insertion is used for low pressure mains up to 75mbr.


Is the trenches method of replacing or upsizing buried pipelines without the need of traditional open cut.


Is the name given to hot plate welding PE pipe. It is one of two main techniques for the fusion joining of PE gas and water pipe.When this welding process is completed the weld can with stand any test which is involved in the testing of the pipeline.

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About Us

The Company was founded in 2006 starting with 2 share holders and directors now increasing to 3 winning a contract with Alfred McAlpines to renew mains and gas services in Leeds with 1×4 man team. From then we won a contract with Balfour Beatty doing the same type of work taking this upto 2008 .Then we won a major contract with Morgan Syndall to renew all gas supllies and mains in the leeds area worth £5m a year for 5 years taking it up to 2013 when we won a contract direct with NGN worth £6m a year lasting 2 years .we are currently working for national grid /Cadent worth £10m a year since 2015 .We are now full turn key contractors. Full accreditation for gas and water mains upto 630mm. We now employ 30 staff who are all fully trained in all aspects of there works. All of them are fully skilled to the highest level with all qualifications. We are members of the UVDB and accredited with Achilles.We are also accredited with iosh. We are experts in pipe bursting moling

  • We are experts at directional drilling.
  • All testing accreditation upto 10bar.
  • NRASWA accreditation
  • Deep ex accreditation below 2.5m
  • SCO 1/2/5 accredited
  • All multi utility accreditation
  • All civil works undertaken from ground work to drainage to pumping stations